Focusing on taste, welfare and sustainability

Dingley Dell is a family farming business based on the East Coast of Suffolk, producing premium, welfare-friendly pork for food service and retail. The farm’s high-quality pork cuts and artisan products are used by many of the country’s top restaurants.

Dingley Dell proprietors Mark and Paul Hayward are passionate about welfare, sustainability and farming in harmony with nature. Therefore, in designing their new website, we took a highly visual approach, enabling the prominent use of pictures and video to focus in on this ethos. At the same time, we were conscious that this is a food business and that it was important to showcase the products, highlighting their exceptional quality and the flavour-enhancing marbling that is the brand’s signature feature.

We’re now in the project planning stage for an e-commerce site to enable Dingley Dell to offer a sales and delivery service direct to consumers.

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