Promoting a rock icon

By Angela Prichard,

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A campaign of digital advertising banners is Propeller’s most recent gig for the Hard Rock Hotel London.

Designed to be totally in tune with the iconic Hard Rock style, the series of online ads focuses on boosting room bookings and bigging up promotions in the café for seasonal events, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day.

This is just one of many projects we’ve worked on for the Hard Rock Hotel London since we joined their band of preferred suppliers in 2017. Items we’ve conceived and created include mirror charts with the heights of stars such as Lady Gaga, Prince, Buddy Holly and Jay-Z, not to mention all the essential stuff that goes with running a hotel, such as menus, stationery, do-not-disturb cards, compendiums and tray removal cards.

With the hospitality industry being incredibly fast-paced and highly reactive to changing market conditions, the main challenge for us is to deliver responsive service and super-fast turnaround times, while still injecting plenty of creativity and maintaining brand integrity in everything we produce. We’re delighted that our performance has gone down well and that we’ve developed such a successful and enduring creative partnership with one of London’s top hospitality brands.

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