Bags of appeal

By Angela Prichard,

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ICL Professional Horticulture is relaunching its popular Humax range of compost as a 100% peat-free product range. The move is in response to government sustainability targets and issues with the supply of peat from Ireland because of planning and licensing restrictions.

In preparation for the relaunch in January 2021, ICL asked us to design six new bags for the products in the Humax range. The brief was to come up with a coherent, eye-catching design for the family of products which would achieve standout on the shelves in retail outlets. As an important selling feature, the words ‘peat free’ needed to be prominent, yet without overshadowing the Humax branding, which is well respected in the marketplace.

To bring the packaging to life, we used a suite of colourful plant and flower imagery to create a striking border design for each bag. Bold, white-out typography is combined with gold highlighting to emphasise key messages and differentiate the various products, while maintaining brand continuity throughout the range.

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